Attn: Conscious Result Leaders with your own Transformational Events

Your Private Invitation to Amplify Your Experience with Custom Tailored Soundscapes, Mind Music, and Power Performances To Give You a World Class Wow Factor, Deepen Your Educational Imprint and Enhance. EVERY. Moment.

Want an unfair advantage with your event experience?

Would a more enthusiastic and engaged audience support their transformation?

Do you sometimes feel that the music experience doesn’t match the quality of your other content…but you know it’s something that you have to do as nothing touches people like music?

If so, then you’ll LOVE the Amplify Your Message process that supports how your audience receives your transformational messages for lasting change!

My name is Mike (DJ Mehow) Richards.

This is my personal invite for you to enjoy something I call the Amplify Your Message mixperience.

Because you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then I know something about you…

You have the desire to ENHANCE YOUR IMPACT.

You have an incredible story and message that needs to be amplified through music.

And you now know the right way to do that is through something I call Mind Music…

This is not going to be a
Like every other DJ out there spinning tunes at events.

Instead, we’re going to leverage my #1 secret (that took years for this intuition to flow), and we’re going to elevate the energy and transformation using the 3 steps:



Objective: Perfect Match



Objective: Mind Music



Objective: Performance & Gifting

You’ll have the absolute best music to energize your audience, your own custom tracks with your transformational messages melded on top.

In other words, instead of just hiring someone for the sake of just having some kind of music, we’ll have the RIGHT music delivered at the RIGHT time!

Once you join I’ll explain exactly how we’re going to approach selecting the right tunes, how we’re going to amplify your message through music, and how we’re going to give your audience an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime!

Most DJ’s out there charge $10,000 or more and don’t deliver even CLOSE to the no-nonsense value you’re about to get and share with your community…for a fraction of that price!

So...Let me Ask You…
Do You Want X
Designed to Take All The
Complications and Guesswork Out...
Without paying me $10,000 for me to show you how??

What is all this DJ Mehow fuss about? Be present to
his sound and you will be sure to find out

Sir Richard Branson | Founder - Virgin Group




Are you ready to enhance your live events with unmatched music, energy, and inspiration?

The secret weapon for any of your events. DJ Mehow specializes in transformational events… aka live events worth a damn, with the expectation to leave a lasting impression.

When you bring DJ Mehow to your engagements you receive a rare X-factor of sonic clarity for every moment.

This means creating the perfect vibe for your unique experiences, EPICNESS for every presentation, the RIGHT energy for every transition, jaw-dropping performances, exhilarating parties, inspirational moments, and a finished musical layer to your events for transformation to stick truly.

Previously offered for only the most exclusive events — including, Kate Moss’s 40th Birthday, Victoria’s Secret’s Halloween Bash, and Holly Branson’s Wedding — it’s time for DJ Mehow to serve as YOUR secret audio ninja so that your event creates the most profound impact.

Let DJ Mehow be the vibe and energy of your events to finally match the quality of your brand and your content.



Are you ready to offer memorable content that lodges in the brains of your audience?
Introducing Mind Music.
The expert melding and curation of your content with state enhancing sounds.

DJ Mehow offers to become your personal music producer for you and your team to raise the bar (and the roof) of your transformational message so your impact will be received and your lessons will be remembered for a lifetime!

Merging your captured experiences, interviews, teachings, and insights with state enhancing sonic vibrations to help deepen your educational imprint and authority into the minds of your audience, in a way that excites, motivates, and empowers!
These custom creations are designed for the world’s most outstanding thought leaders and educators, those whose message deserves to be spread even further.
Upgrade your event in a way that’s impossible with speeches alone. This is your fun-infused insurance policy to lock in your lessons and impact for a lifetime.

Now is the time for your musical frame to offer the same level of quality as the rest of your content!



Ready to experience your custom-tailored performances and post event gifts for lasting impact?

We want your teachings to STICK in the minds of your audience… which means having the right sonic frame to leave the lasting impression you’ve always wanted.

The ultimate performances so that the intended audience transformation will truly stick!

We get that you’ve spent your entire life building up your brand and your message… but when your sonic context is off, everything suffers… from less impacted audiences to minimal engagement, to misaligned flow, and ultimately to forgettable teachings.

Using the same immersive technology featured for many of Sir Richard Branson’s Private events, the addition of DJ Mehow means EPIC moments, Imprinted Memories, and Ecstasy Infused Fun.

This is the perfect offering for your audience members that will pull on their heartstrings in a way that heightens their experience and your brand.

Post event digestible sonic snacks allow attendees to continue their education and transformation long after your event is over keeping you top of mind for your audience.

Deliver a World Class WOW Factor and Give Your Audience Experiences To Remember!

Schedule Your Free
Sonic Strategy Session

This FREE call is only available for a limited time.  First come, first serve.

When you have an upcoming event and you’d like to add a new level of depth, connection, and meaning to every moment, then team Mehow would like to support you. During this complimentary call, you’ll gain expert guidance to map out the perfect music for your unique offering.

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