Necker Cup

Your Private Invitation to Join Many of the World’s Most Celebrated Individuals on Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island, Necker.

DJ Mehow

There’s nothing like traveling the globe! Check out some of DJ Mehow’s live performances around the world.

Past Events & Experiences

Necker Cup (Sean Paul)

2015 Necker Island, BVI

Necker Cup (Jamie Foxx)

2017 Bahamas

Necker Cup (Richard Branson)

2017 Bahamas

One World Player Party

2017 NYC, US

Necker Cup Final

2018 Necker Island, BVI

Necker Open

2018 Virgin Gorda, BVI

Yacht Golf

2018 Hong Kong

One Drop - The Bellagio

2019 Las Vegas, US

Rave Reviews