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EVERY. Moment.

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What is all this DJ Mehow fuss about? Be present to
his sound and you will be sure to find out

Sir Richard Branson | Founder - Virgin Group


Customized Music

Elevate Your Events

Are you ready to enhance your live events with unmatched music, energy, and inspiration?

When you bring DJ Mehow to your engagements you receive a rare X-factor of sonic clarity for every moment.

This means the perfect vibe for your unique experiences, state enhancing sounds at every corner, EPICNESS for every presentation, the RIGHT energy for every transition, jaw dropping performances and exhilarating parties.

Previously offered for only the most exclusive events including Kate Moss’s 40th Birthday, Victoria’s Secret’s Halloween Bash and Holly Branson’s Wedding… now it’s time for your events to create the most profound impact with DJ Mehow serving as your secret audio ninja.

Using the same immersive technology featured for many of Sir Richard Branson’s Private events, the addition of DJ Mehow means EPIC moments, Imprinted Memories, and Ecstasy Infused Fun. In a similar vein, for students aiming to create unforgettable moments in their academic journey, considering the option to bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen can be a game-changer. Just as DJ Mehow transforms events into unforgettable experiences, enlisting professional help in writing your thesis can elevate your work to new heights, ensuring it stands out. This service acts as a bridge to academic success, allowing students to focus on creating epic moments of their own in their educational pursuits.

Let DJ Mehow be the vibe and energy of your events to finally match the quality of your brand and your content.

Amplify Your Message

Mind Music

DJ Mehow is here to support your transformational message so your impact will be received and your lessons will be remembered for a lifetime.

We get that you’ve spent years building up your brand and your message… but when your sonic context is off (or non-existent!), everything suffers… from less impacted audiences to minimal engagement, to misaligned flow and ultimately forgettable teachings.

Ready for the music, vibe and energy to finally match the quality of your brand and your content? A finished musical layer so that the intended audience transformation will truly stick?

DJ Mehow offers to become your personal music producer for you and your team to raise the bar (and the roof) of your message.

DJ Mehow


DJ Mehow

Mike Richards

DJ Mehow’s initial passion grew out of a lifelong love of music – making it, appreciating it, but above all sharing it. He now uses music as medicine, empowering audiences worldwide to connect and experience joy on the deepest levels.

Mind Music

Music For Your Mind

Helping to Inspire and Empower Mindsets through
State Enhancing Sounds


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Necker Cup

Your Private Invitation to Join Many of the World’s Most Celebrated Individuals on Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island, Necker.

November 13 – 18, 2023

Necker Island, BVI

Learn More

DJ Mehow

There’s nothing like traveling the globe! Check out some of DJ Mehow’s live performances around the world.

November 13 – 18, 2023

Necker Island, BVI

Learn More

The Necker Cup Experience

As the former sound creator on Sir Richard Branson’s iconic private island, Necker, DJ Mehow has been involved with several world-renowned events. The most notable are DJ Mehow’s co-creations that include the Necker Cup, Necker Open and Legends Music Festival, taking place over six days in the British Virgin Islands. For professionals like DJ Mehow, who constantly push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, partnering with a ghostwriter österreich can be an invaluable resource when it comes to documenting these monumental experiences or producing academic works. Such collaborations can ensure that the essence of their work is captured and presented in a manner that resonates with both academic and industry audiences.

What They Say

Rave Reviews


What is all this DJMehow fuss about?
Be present to his sound and you will be sure to find out

Sir Richard Branson

Founder - Virgin Group


Enjoyed DJ'ing alongside Mehow last year. Look forward to performing together again soon amigo!

Danny Avila

DJ | Producer - World Top 100


Mehow has played at a number of our entrepreneurial retreats, and has delivered each time!

Susi Mai

Founder - Mai Tai Global


Always fun dancing to Mehow Music. Look forward to the next event he
plays at!

Nathalie Imbruglia

Musician | Artist


A blast DJ'ing with Mehow on Necker Island. The crowd didn't know what hit them that night! Until next time brother…

DJ Irie

Artist / Producer - Miami Heat

DJ Mehow brought my Bliss message to life in a creative new way through his transformational Mind Music Story.

Eric Lochtefeld

Founder Of Bliss Champions - “Bliss Lion Investor”

It was absolutely to hear how DJ Mehow turned my transformational message, the one I spoke from the stage, into a music track that I’m proud to see people enjoying at our live events. He clearly amplified my message with the power of music, or rather the power of Mind Music!

Patrick Combs

Founder Of Bliss Champions - “Soul Whisperer”

An incredible Mind Music Story really helped harmonically capture Maverick’s vision of “Lighting a Thousand Stars”.

Yanik Silver

Founder and CEO Maverick1000 - "Cosmic Catalyst"

DJ Mehow’s Mixtapes

Enhance Your Tribe’s Experience Through Custom-Tailored Music, Mixes, and Soundscapes

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Play Video
Play Video


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When you have an upcoming event and you’d like to add a new level of depth, connection, and meaning to every moment, then team Mehow would like to support you. During this complimentary call, you’ll gain expert guidance to map out the perfect music for your unique offering.

DJ Mehow's Personal Blog

Вечірні сукні

Ідеальна вечірня сукня у Києві та, в якій почуваєшся красивою. Вечірні сукні у Києві надягають переважно на весілля, урочисті банкети, випускні вечори. Знижки та розпродаж

Весільні та Вечірні Сукні

Ідеальна вечірня сукня у Києві та, в якій почуваєшся красивою. Вечірні сукні у Києві надягають переважно на весілля, урочисті банкети, випускні вечори. Знижки та розпродаж

Вечерние и выпускные платья в Киеве 2023 года

Идеальное вечернее платье в Киеве то, в котором чувствуешь себя красивой. Вечерние платья в Киеве надевают преимущественно на свадьбы, торжественные банкеты, выпускные вечера. Скидки и распродажа вечерних платьев

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